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Technology Salutes To The New Era丨As a Leading “Piling Expert”, Zoomlion Piling Machinery Explores the Future with “Powerful Tools”



As the first important process of project construction, the piling machinery shoulders the mission of “deep cultivation” in capital construction and affects the quality and height of buildings; as a very special category of the construction machinery industry, it has such features as multiple varieties, diversified specifications and models, high specificity, and small-batch production.

Zoomlion has been leading the reform and development of piling machinery with independent innovation, constantly pursuing new heights and expanding new fields, and brightening and leading the magnificent development history of piling machinery industry in China with a course of independent breakthrough and innovative development.

Making breakthrough in foundation construction and realizing import substitution with independent innovation

China's piling machinery started in the 1960s. However, its development was slow due to historical reasons. At the beginning of 2000, with the construction of key projects such as the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, the demand for high-end piling machinery in the domestic market soared, and foreign piling machinery brands entered the Chinese market one after another, and became the mainstream choices for major projects.

In this situation, Zoomlion stepped forward and took the lead in making rotary drilling rigs domestically in 2002. At that time, there were only a few dozen people in the Piling Machine Division of Zoomlion, which was newly established. However, with the enterprising spirit, toughness, tenacity, and diligence in their hearts, they simply blew the loud horn for the rollout of the first rotary drilling rig.


 Zoomlion Foundation Construction Machinery Shanghai Industrial Park

In 2003, the rotary drilling rig independently built by Zoomlion began to serve in the follow-up projects of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway! In 2005, after designing the environment-friendly rotary drilling rig ZR200 with independent intellectual property rights, Zoomlion successively developed series including ZR220, ZR220B, ZR250A, ZR250B, ZR250C, and ZR150A, all of which feature wide working range, high construction efficiency, advanced and mature hydraulic system, and intelligent fault monitoring, and have such advantages as flexible transition, good performance, simple installation and convenient construction, etc., with the design concept of economy, high efficiency, reliability, and intelligence., etc. Adopting key components made by world-famous manufacturers, these products boast strong power, stable performance and high reliability, and have become the ideal hole-forming equipment for pile foundation engineering in China.

With the continuous development of the market, a series of practical experience from the front line, numerous sleepless nights, and various analysis and debates in exploration, rotary drilling rigs independently developed and manufactured by Zoomlion have rolled off the line one after another.


 Zoomlion Foundation Construction Series Products

Making preparation for the battles with innovation and self-tempering, Zoomlion has been striding forward all the way. With its superior technical strength, Zoomlion's foundation construction machinery has been widely sold all over the country. In the construction of high-speed railways such as the Beijing-Tianjin Railway, the Wuhan-Guangzhou Railway, the Zhengzhou-Xi’an Railway and the Harbin-Dalian Railway, and the foundation construction of major national projects such as the relocation of Shougang and the Qingdao Cross-sea Bridge, it has branded wonderful moments for a pillar of a great power to help constructing super projects.

Up to now, Zoomlion's foundation construction machinery has replaced the foreign-branded rotary drilling rig with the strength of a leader, with the market share of the full rotary drilling rigs soaring to the first place in the industry. It takes only ten years to reverse the situation that the domestic market of piling machinery was dominated by “foreign brands” in one fell swoop.

Leading piling machinery to help China's underground space construction

For piling foundation construction, only one with continuous innovation can win the “world”. With the increasing development of urbanization and the continuous expansion of underground space construction, foundation construction projects have begun to develop in more fields: high-speed rail, rail transit, cross-sea bridges, dams, underground comprehensive spaces... Thus foundation construction machinery has ushered in a broader development space.

In addition, Zoomlion is committed to overcoming complicated and changeable geological and construction scenes and leading the transformation and development with independent innovation. Facing the complicated and changeable geological conditions, Zoomlion's foundation construction machinery has taken the initiative to change, expanded its product line, and carried out extensive study and demonstration. Under the dual guarantee of technical strength and mobility, all-new products such as rotary, boring machine, and static pressure piles have rolled off the production line one after another, and the construction of the Ma’anshan Intelligent Factory is being accelerated. The development of Zoomlion's foundation construction machinery is developing vigorously.


 ▲ The swing-type all casing drill with the world's largest diameter helps the construction of the water source protection and environmental protection project in Xiangcheng District, Suzhou

From the rollout of the first rotary drilling rig to the change of product series, the products have been continuously upgraded. Today, on the construction site of the Sichuan-Tibet High-Speed Railway, Zoomlion's rotary drilling rigs with aurora green coating are in the lead; In more projects, the new generation of G-series rotary drilling rig is in full swing; The newly upgraded hydraulic grab and two-wheel slot milling machines are gearing up and affecting the new market boom; Innovative new products such as coal roadheaders and static pile drivers have become the focus of attention in the industry ... Zoomlion has demonstrated its leadership in the industry with its strong technical strength.

What's past is the prologue. Looking into the future, Zoomlion's foundation construction machinery will continue to adhere to the development concept of “technology as the root, products as the foundation”, keep the original intention with ingenuity, continuously improve product quality according to market demand, and continue to provide “powerful construction tools” suitable for various working conditions and create greater value for our customers with ingenious products and ultimate service.