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3rd Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition Opens! Zoomlion’s Flagship Products Burst onto Scene On Day 1


Under the theme of “New generation of high-end, intelligent and new-energy construction machinery, the 3rd Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition (CICEE) kicked off at the Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center and the Changsha International Conference Center on May 12, 2023. In the related activities at the event, Zoomlion, a global leader in the construction machinery industry, showed its charm of intelligent manufacturing and its formidable strength as a representative enterprise of advanced manufacturing, and gained over 8 billion yuan worth of orders.

This year’s CICEE was laser-focused on reflect the very latest in the industry, providing a comprehensive display of new products, new technologies, and new ideas in the construction machinery space. As a representative of advanced manufacturing, Zoomlion displayed 10 categories and more than 70 products such as engineering cranes, construction cranes, concrete machinery, and earthmoving machinery as part of the CICEE, with the record number and types of equipment for exhibition. 


Scene of the 3rd Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition

Among Zoomlion’s exhibits there were the world-class highlight products such as the world’s largest tonnage all terrain crane and the 55 ton truck mobile crane with the longest boom in the class in the industry, as well as a series of pure electric, plug-in, and other new energy products. The high-end, intelligent and new-energy features of the exhibition seduced a great number of visitors.

World-class products highlights the high-end feature

When it comes to the largest and most profile exhibit at the 3rd CICEE, it must be the world’s largest tonnage all-terrain crane ZAT24000H manufactured by Zoomlion. The equipment which can be extended up to 175 meters in height after installed was the highest exhibit at the exhibition site. As a “magic tool”, the heavy equipment with a lifting capacity of more than 2,000 tons is tailored to the hoisting of wind generators. It boasts superior wind resistance and resistance to lateral bending to the products of the kind, ideal for the installation of wind generators up to 160 meters above the land. It has completed a number of batch deliveries, and it is recognized by the market for being high-end oriented.

Zoomlion “Lingyun C” 72m five-bridge truck-mounted concrete pump is China’s first 5-bridge 55 ton truck mobile crane with the longest boom made of lightweight high-tech materials. With the top lightweight technology in the industry, it comes equipped with the new steel-based composite boom with completely independent intellectual property rights, lowering the weight of the boom by 20% without the reduction in plate thickness, and achieving a maximum lifting height of 72 meters in the 5-bridge 55-ton class. Moreover, the application of new high-tech materials has allowed for a major breakthrough and upgrade in structural reliability, and the fatigue life of the steel-based composite boom is extended by more than 30% compared with that of the steel boom.


▲ Some of Zoomlion’s exhibits

        In terms of intelligence, consider the Zoomlion R370-20RB flat-top tower crane sporting the new R-generation intelligent all-domain safety technology. Apart from innovation in structure, the use of the ETI intelligent control system enables millisecond response and immediate stop at variable load. In addition, the model also has the functions of mutual calibration of electromechanical signals, real-time wind speed detection, and timely alarm for abnormalities, effectively solving the difficulties facing traditional tower cranes in the industry such as the large wind resistance of a standard section, shorter service life, and low intelligent level of the machines. All this contributes to being recognized by customers.

Electrification stars lead the industry trend

Alongside the world-class star products, the new energy products such as pure electric and hybrid types displayed by Zoomlion also sparked great interest among the exhibitors. It is known that among the 70-plus sets of equipment exhibited by Zoomlion, pure electric and plug-in new energy equipment accounted for about 30%. Among them, there were plug-in truck cranes that have been popular in the market, rechargeable mixer trucks that have stood the test in the world-class projects, and electrified products for mining trucks, forklifts, and other categories.

Zoomlion Lingguan series rechargeable mixer trucks built in partnership with Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck feature a unique special powertrain, with an average power consumption as low as 1.6 kWh per kilometer. The used braking energy recovery system can increase the range by 11.2%. The series is equipped with a 350 kWh high-energy battery pack, which can be fully charged in 1.5 hours with 400A dual gun chargers for fast charging. Meanwhile, the advanced technologies such as high-voltage insulation monitoring, thermal balance management and control technology of the electric drive system, and motor inertia control technology are applied to maximize safety and reliability. 


▲ The new energy mixer trucks exhibited by Zoomlion

The 3rd CICEE followed Zoomlion’s series of events themed on “Technology fuels the new era”, during which more than 500 highly specialized intelligent products and innovative achievements made their debut at the Zoomlion Smart Industry City to show the charm of advanced manufacturing in all aspects. The series of events added to Zoomlion’s high popularity at the 3rd CICEE.

Looking ahead, Zoomlion will continue to uphold the concept of “technology as the root, product as the foundation” to keep exploring the unknown, scaling new heights, tackling frontier technologies, and helping fuel the new era with innovative technology. By implementing the strategic positioning and task of Hunan Province’s “three pacesetters and four new missions”, it will make new advances and fresh contributions to having a higher level of self-reliance in science and technology.