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Technology Salutes To The New Era, Zoomlion Smart Industry City Fully Opens to Show Intelligent Manufacturing in China to World


Zoomlion’s event series themed on “Technology Salutes To The New Era” kicked off at the Zoomlion Smart Industry City in Changsha on May 11. Thousands of guests from home and abroad gathered to visit the industry’s first full-process excavator intelligent manufacturing plant and other several “lighthouse” factories, experiencing the charm of intelligent manufacturing in the Zoomlion Smart Industry City, the world’s largest construction machinery industrial base with the most complete variety of products, including 500 highly specialized intelligent products and innovations such as the world’s largest tonnage all terrain crane, and feeling the new features of Zoomlion’s digital, intelligent and green transformation. New product launches, an interactive fete, and many other amazing activities were rolled out in the 100,000-square-meter display area. On the first day of the event, Zoomlion secured a total of 4.691 billion yuan in orders, demonstrating the company’s market leadership in empowering development with scientific and technological innovation.

Jiang Difei, Vice Governor of the People’s Government of Hunan Province, Xu Niansha, Party Secretary and President of the China Machinery Industry Federation, and Su Zimeng, Chairman of the China Construction Machinery Association, attended and addressed the event, joined by Tan Yong, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Changsha Municipal Committee, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xiangjiang New Area (Changsha High-Tech Industrial Development Zone) and Secretary of the CPC Yuelu District Committee, and Zhan Chunxin, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman and CEO at Zoomlion, both of whom delivered a speech. Leaders from relevant departments at the provincial, municipal, and district levels and industry associations, as well as global customers, partners, and media reporters, and Zoomlion’s entrepreneurial team, veteran leaders, former colleagues and employee representatives were also in attendance at the event.

On the scene, Mr. Jiang Difei announced the opening of the exhibition celebrating scientific and technological achievements under the theme of “Technology Salutes To The New Era”, and pushed the lever together with Xu Niansha, Zhan Chunxin, Li Zhijian, Lei Shaoye, Xiao Wenwei, Tan Yong, Tang Zi, He Zhaohui, Gong Xin, Peng Tao, and Su Zimeng to launch a fete, Science and Technology Carnival.




△ Scene of the launch of Zoomlion’s “Technology Salutes To The New Era”themed event

The advanced manufacturing industry cluster makes an appearance; the “lighthouse” factories show the charm of intellectual manufacturing in China

Immediately after entering the Zoomlion Smart Industry City, the visitors were greeted by the sight of the workshop buildings with high-class gray and an integrated design and the brisk and energetic Zoomlion logo in aurora green that adorns a corner of a building facade. In the smart factory shop of Earthmoving Machinery Park that features a spacious, bright modern factory building, among others, industrial robots were operating dexterously, and intelligent handling robots were shuttling in an orderly manner—intensely alive intelligent manufacturing scenes were in front of the Chinese and foreign guests, where the beauty of science fiction and industry surprised them from time to time, and which also highlighted the beauty of strength of Hunan Province’s “No. 1 Project”. 



Earthmoving Machinery Park Smart Factory in the Zoomlion Smart Industry City

As the first park of the Zoomlion Smart Industry City that opened, the Earthmoving Machinery Park is the only excavator intelligent manufacturing factory in the world covering the whole process from feed preparation, welding, machining, painting, assembly to commissioning. In the assembly shop, raw materials down to screws are all completed by automated guided vehicles (AGVs). Through the comprehensive application of cutting-edge technologies such as intelligent scheduling, industrial AI, digital twin, and industrial Internet, as well as the interaction and integration of “visible wisdom” and “invisible wisdom”, an excavator can be produced every 6 minutes on average.

This is the first “lighthouse” factory planned for the Zoomlion Smart Industry City. There will be 8 world-leading “lighthouse” factories as planned, which bring together 300 intelligent production lines with more than 600 patented technologies. Through intelligent, digital and green upgrading on all fronts, an advanced manufacturing industry cluster with 4 parks of original equipment, 4 centers of key parts, 8 national research and innovation platforms, and 1 international standard secretariat at the core will be developed. In the cluster, in addition to one excavator that will roll off the production line every 6 minutes on average, one aerial work machine will be manufactured every 7.5 minutes, one truck crane every 18 minutes, and one truck-mounted concrete boom pump every 30 minutes. After completion, the Earthmoving Machinery Park Smart Factory will become the largest construction machinery industrial base with the most complete variety in the world, and a new landmark of Changsha, the “capital of construction machinery”, in terms of intelligent manufacturing. 


The guests visited the smart factory of aerial work machinery in the Zoomlion Smart Industry City

During the construction process, Zoomlion has overcome difficulties—even in the period of the Covid-19 pandemic, it took efficient Covid-19 control measures and worked harder to make headway in the construction of the project so as to ensure the steady progress in Hunan Province’s “No. 1 Project” drive. In as little as a few years, the Zoomlion Smart Industry City has been initially set in motion, with the Earthmoving Machinery Park built with high quality that has been successfully put into service, the Aerial Work Machinery Intelligent Manufacturing Park and the Concrete Pumping Machinery Park that have seen production lines in place, and the Construction Crane Machinery Park has initially taken shape. All this not only speaks to the company’s determination and remarkable achievements in digital, intelligent and green transformation and upgrading, but also demonstrates its courage to be the major actor who implements the strategic framework and task of “three highlands and four new missions” and its strength and commitment to building an important national pacesetter for advanced manufacturing.

The orders of 4.69 billion yuan are placed to show core competitiveness thanks to the gathering of the pillars of a great power and the continued launches of new products

As another highlight of this event series, the Science and Technology Carnival provided a panoramic view of Zoomlion and its achievements made in various series of products and multiple fields across the industry chain. In recent years, by upholding the concept of “technology serving as the root and product as the foundation”, Zoomlion has been making products with extreme thinking, launching scientific and technological innovation around construction machinery, agricultural machinery and agriculture, and new building materials, and continuously deepening the industrial empowerment with new digital technologies, new materials, and new energy. It has fully implemented digital transformation and intelligent manufacturing upgrading, enabled innovation in three major industrial sectors, developed five pioneering products globally, made breakthroughs in 10 key technologies in core areas, and advanced the high-end, intelligent and green development of manufacturing industry with a high level of scientific and technological self-reliance and self-improvement.


 The world’s largest tonnage all terrain crane built by Zoomlion

         During the event, Zoomlion set up more than ten exhibition areas in the headquarters building, the Earthmoving Machinery Park, the Aerial Work Machinery Intelligent Manufacturing Park, the Concrete Pumping Machinery Park, and the Construction Crane Machinery Park, bringing together more than 500 sets of advanced products and key components, including the world’s longest truck-mounted boom pump, the world’s largest tonnage all terrain crane, the world’s highest self-propelled straight-boom aerial work platform, 5G remote control tower crane, the highest 90-meter elevating platform fire truck in China, the harvester with the largest feeding capacity in China, and other largest or pioneering products in the world. This aimed at showing the advances in science and technology in all aspects, and was also a perfect manifestation of Zoomlion’s strength in science and technology that fuels the new era. Many of the visitors were unforgettably impressed by the large high-end equipment—the “pillars of a great power”—as they were exposed to them for the first time.


The guests experienced Zoomlion’s 5G remote control technology

Among the exhibits there were more than 60 new energy products. For example, the world’s first purely electric off-road tire crane, characterized by energy efficiency and environmental protection, strong power, excellent performance, and others, is a comprehensive demonstration of Zoomlion’s new energy technology staying ahead of the curve globally. At the same time, Zoomlion also exhibited 13 independently developed key components of new energy, which are the industry’s firsts.


 △ The innovative achievements display area of the Pumping Machinery Park in the Zoomlion Smart Industry City

       Lingzhi series concrete batching plants, super tonnage excavators, a series of construction cranes, and other new products were released at each park in succession. A series of advances in highly specialized technologies and technoogical prowess won Zoomlion high recognition from the customers on site. As of May 11, the orders totaling 4.691 billion yuan have been signed during the event.


△ Zoomlion’s world’s first 10-ton walk-behind multifunctional modular rescue robot

While demonstrating its core strength, Zoomlion’s various products also showed the beauty of dexterity. The skid steer loader and the electric excavator “waltzed” in harmony, the tower crane were jacked up by two people, the shear fork type aerial work platform interacted with the “karting track”, the new building materials drew a graffiti of bear on site... In addition to static display, Zoomlion’s “green squad” also showed their own “special prowess” at the site of the event, allowing the visitors to immerse themselves in experiencing the charm of flexible intelligent products. “I thought these bulks were heavy. Against all expectations, they were so nimble and could dance, which is really an eye-opener,” said a guest at the scene excitedly.

From “going global to bringing in”, Zoomlions internationalization takes a new step

At the event site there were also many foreign languages such as English, Thai, and Turkish, besides Chinese, in the ear from time to time. Looking around, the visitors could see many foreigners stand among the Chinese visitors. The Zoomlion Smart Industry City has evolved into a pacesetter of reform and opening up in the inland region.


Overseas customers participated in Zoomlion’s achievements exhibition under the theme of Technology Salutes To The New Era

It is understood that nearly 500 overseas customers from more than 40 countries and regions, including the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Singapore, Turkey, Brazil, the United States, and the Netherlands, made a special trip to Changsha to partake in this event. It has been said that as Zoomlion products continue to barge into overseas markets, customers have found that the performance and quality of products made in China are much better than expected after using Zoomlion products, which soon expanded to local markets, such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, and others.

For recent years, Zoomlion has accelerated its model change of overseas business with “global village” thinking and a “localization” concept, devoting itself to the global market end to end, empowering its business model with the digital technology, continuously making strategic plans for business improvement, and achieving rapid breakthroughs in key products and markets. In 2022, the company’s sales in Indonesia, India, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and other countries and regions along the Belt and Road increased by more than 100% year-on-year, and in Q1 2023, its overseas revenue rose by 123% year-on-year.

The gathering of overseas customers in the event held at the Zoomlion Smart Industry City means that Zoomlion has crossed the development path of going global, “going  in, and going up in a steady manner and is embracing the milestone of bringing in overseas customers. This is not only a powerful sign of the competitive strength of Zoomlion as a leading global equipment manufacturing enterprise, but also is a living embodiment of the company gaining traction with customers at home and abroad with openness and inclusion.

This event series, which focused on Zoomlion’s advances in science and technology and achievements in intelligent manufacturing, is a solemn declaration of the company to move forward into the future. “On the occasion of celebrating the 30th anniversary of its founding with continued innovation in science and technology, Zoomlion is grateful for the gift of the new era to give, the trust and inclusiveness of global customers, the favor and support of shareholders and investors, and the dedication and struggle of employees. With gratitude in mind, Zoomlion will forge ahead in the new round of technological revolution and continue to create new realms for new heights with continuous scientific and technological innovation, said Zhan Chunxin, Chairman and CEO at Zoomlion.