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Deepening Friendship and Cooperation! Diplomats from Over 20 Countries Experience China’s Advanced Manufacturing at Zoomlion


On May 13, during Zoomlion's "Technology Fuels Era" series of events, a diplomatic mission composed of ambassadors, ministers, and commercial counsellor from over 20 countries including Italy, Turkey, Mexico, Thailand, Nepal, and Indonesia visited Zoomlion. Zheng Chao, executive vice president of the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electrical Products (CCCME), and Liu Yongqiang, deputy secretary general of CCCME, also joined the event. Wang Yongxiang, vice president of Zoomlion and his overseas management team warmly received the mission.


▲ The diplomatic mission visits the intelligent production workshop of Zoomlion Smart Industry City

During the visit to Zoomlion, the diplomatic mission visited the intelligent production workshop and product display ground of Zoomlion Smart Industry City, the largest and most comprehensive industrial base of construction machinery in the world, experienced the quality development of high-end manufacturing industry in China, and exchanged views on cooperation. In the medium and large excavator assembly workshop of Zoomlion Smart Industry City, the diplomats had an in-depth understanding of the whole-process intelligent manufacturing of Zoomlion excavators, and carefully checked and inquired about the product structure. They were deeply impressed by the efficiency of producing one excavator every 6 minutes on average in the Earthwork Machinery Park of Zoomlion Smart Industry City, and raved about the products and technologies of Zoomlion.

At the “Zoomlion-Diplomats Night” event in the evening, the diplomats had a great conversation with Zoomlion's overseas team, and the live activities presented the charm of China's traditional culture and Changsha's elegant demeanor to the diplomats. Zoomlion's advanced manufacturing style was highly praised by all the diplomats, who expressed the intention to keep promoting the cooperation with Zoomlion.


▲ The diplomats express their expectations for deeper exchanges and cooperation

It is learned that Zoomlion has been continuously achieving breakthroughs in the market by accelerating the change of overseas business models with the concepts of "global village" and "localization", deepening the cultivation of the global market in an end-to-end manner, fueling the development of business models in a digital way, and continuously improving the strategic layout. Today, Zoomlion has completed its global layout in the markets from Eurasia and emerging economies to North and South Americas and Africa. Zoomlion’s R&D centers, production bases, market networks, and service systems are spread all over the world, with products and services covering more than 130 countries and regions, and overseas income continuously growing.

In 2022, Zoomlion's overseas revenue reached RMB 9.992 billion, a 72.6% growth year on year; In Indonesia, India, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and other countries and regions along "The Belt and Road", the sales performance increased by more than 100% year on year. In the first quarter of this year, Zoomlion's overseas revenue increased sharply by 123% year on year; During the "Technology Fuels Era" series of events and the third Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition, the company won overseas orders worth RMB 2.54 billion and made new achievements in international development one after another.


▲ At the " Technology Fuels Era" series of events, of activities, Zoomlion signs contracts with overseas customers

As a pioneer of China's construction machinery industry in “going global”, Zoomlion will accelerate the expansion of overseas markets with the "concept of global village", deepen the overseas business system based on end-to-end process, digitalization, and localization, and further improve the global strategic layout, so as to make the beautiful aurora green shine around the world and continuously enhance the influence and competitiveness of Chinese manufacturing in the world.