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Technology Salutes To The New Era 丨Winning Market with “Technology × Value”, Zoomlion Construction Hoisting Machinery Shines in Competition



   Strong wind lends us strength.

   In recent years, driven by the development of China’s capital construction and energy industries, Chinese brands launched an “epic” accelerated rise in the global crane industry, in which Zoomlion is one of the most important leaders.

   In 2023, when China’s capital construction and energy construction industries, represented by wind power, took the lead to step on the accelerator of development again, the world's largest products independently developed by Zoomlion Construction Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zoomlion CHM), namely 2,400-ton all terrain crane, 3,200-ton crawler crane, crawler crane dedicated to wind power, tower crane, and other products, once again became the leaders. “Where there is wind, there is Zoomlion” has become a much-told tale of the industry.

   Behind the continuous record-breaking in heavy-tonnage products of the world, the “leader in crane technology” has become the most important label of Zoomlion. Zoomlion has reached the top level in almost all product segments in different times.

   According to a recent annual report, 2022 has become another year of highlights for Zoomlion CHM. In this year, Zoomlion CHM's market share maintained the leading position in the industry, with sales volume of 200-ton and heavier all terrain cranes ranking first in the industry, mass delivery of ZAT24000H, the world's heaviest all terrain crane, achieved, and the share of super-heavy tonnage crawler cranes ranking first in the domestic market.

“Competing in Top Technologies”

   In the escalating construction machinery industry, there is a law which is becoming more and more obvious that high-intensity marketing can help open the market, but only solid core competitiveness can make the brand the last one standing.

   Winning with technology and products is the persistent creed of Zoomlion CHM. As a result, Zoomlion CHM has outlined the evolution history of crane products in China and even in the whole world with product iteration over the past decades.

   For Zoomlion CHM, there’s nothing the biggest or the highest; instead, there’s always a pursuit for bigger and higher products. Deeply devoted to the development and demand of China's wind power industry, Zoomlion has created the world's largest 2,400-ton all terrain crane and crawler crane dedicated to wind power as the times require and constantly refreshed the definition of “ultimate products” in the global industry.



                                                △ Wind power hoisting construction of the world's heaviest all terrain crane created by Zoomlion

   All these has made users personally experience the meaning of “technology creates value”, consolidated Zoomlion position as a leader in the heavy-tonnage segment, and made the company succeed in both sales and word of mouth. 

   When the trend of electrification swept the global construction machinery industry, Zoomlion, once again showing its outstanding sensitivity and foresight of technology, launched the world's first battery electric crane, the world's first hybrid 220-ton all terrain crane, the world's first 40-ton electric mobile crane, and the world's first distributed electric crawler crane, creating a new situation of green development.

[Value Model]

   The terminal for the breakthrough of technology and innovation and the settlement of new products is to fulfill and create user value. In this respect, Zoomlion CHM is a model in the industry. 

   ZCC17000 crawler crane, a leader in the industry, has become the first ultra-high wind power hoister in the field of wind power hoisting with a lifting height of 190 meters and a rated lifting capacity of 185 tons. It only takes 28 minutes to put the wind turbine in place at the height of above 190 meters and 20 minutes below 140 meters.

   As the “Mr. Key” of nuclear power hoisting, Zoomlion's 3,200-ton crawler crane refreshed the total hoisting weight record again in the construction of Hualong No.1 which required the hoisting deformation of less than 0.1 mm, and helped the completion of the continuous polar crane for Generator Set No.3 of Hainan Changjiang Nuclear Power Station 41 days ahead of schedule of the tertiary plan. In addition, in such record-setting projects as Yunnan Julongliang wind power project with a unit capacity of 6.7 MW, China's largest plateau mountain wind turbine, installation of the cooling tower between steel structures, the “five towers in one”, in the Huaneng Zhengning project, the world's largest steel structure cooling tower, the prefabricated column hoisting of ExxonMobil Huizhou ethylene project, Asia's largest three-dimensional warehouse, behind which, many record-setting projects, Zoomlion CHM can be called the mainstay and a brand as “standard configuration”.

   Obviously, a transformation and upgrading of the crane industry from traditional quantitative growth to value growth is being triggered by Zoomlion.



 Chinas first crawler crane with the capacity of over 3,000 tons built by Zoomlion

[Powerful player]

   For decades, Zoomlion CHM has become a “winner” in the crane industry in China and even in the whole world relying on satisfying users’ demands and continuous refinement of technology and manufacturing systems.

   In the recent decade, with the upgrading of infrastructure construction and the application of new technologies, the construction machinery industry has achieved unprecedented growth and breakthrough. For construction machinery manufacturers, this is an expensive battlefield; And billions of R&D investment every year makes Zoomlion frequently create blockbusters in the industry.image.png

 The first dual-drive (fuel-electric) crawler crane built by Zoomlion

   In recent years, Zoomlion, which deeply involved in greening, intelligence, and digitalization for a long time, has made full efforts in products of “digital intelligence”, leading Chinese brands to reach the world level. In 2022 alone, Zoomlion applied for 1,017 patents on technologies of “greening, intelligence, and digitalization”, including 465 patents on green technologies, 115 patents on digital technologies, and 437 patents on intelligent technologies; The number of national-level green product evaluation standards led by Zoomlion ranks first in the industry.

   Facing the new market, new competition, and new era of industry, Zoomlion CHM, which insists on technology, innovation, and value first, is ushering in another round of highlight era.